Had lots of fun today!!!

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Seems like you enjoyed your d

Seems like you enjoyed your day.Which one of the Exorcist seris?
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Reply to both

It's the Exorcism movie... umm, not too sure which one but here's the link. http://www.villageskycity.co.nz/vistait/village/Default.aspx?Control=Ses...

As for the mapping forum, I was being too vague. It's a site which you use game editors and make 'maps' for the game, post it and then people give you comments and review it etc. There are off topic sections and one is the Formal Debate section.

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Which Exorcist fil is this? And what exactly is a 'mapping forum' - I've never heard of one and am wondering what it is

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That does sound like a good d

That does sound like a good day(:. Karaoke is always fun, except when my father comes along...we have to tie him down before he starts singing Killing Me Softly.

Parents seem to know everything, it seems. When I lock myself in my room when I'm sad, my mom always seems to know what's going on. Maybe you should try reaching out to your family, or at least your sister-she sounds pretty cool. It's horrible to go through something completely alone (I've done it way too many times for my own good). When I do reach out to people, I'm usually surpised by how supportive they are.

Anyways, good luck on finding a gift for your teacher:).


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