Halloween Nightmare

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Hello. I know I'm 2 days late but I figure I would tell you
about my halloween this year. For the past 3 years, my family
have ignored the trick-o-treaters by turning off all of our
lights, turning on oil lamps, and playing "Uno" for fun. This
year was kind of difficult though because my mom and my step-
father got into an argument over cheating in cards. That's
because my step-father kept trying to play multiple cards that
are equal in value to the card on top and kept making a
narrative about his views on this on every turn. That's when my
mom gave up and stopped playing. Now at this time, I'm too busy
making myself green tea and calming down after all of the
sugar. Kind of weird isn't it.

But let me tell you about something else. And this has nothing
to do with halloween but something my friend, Toni wants me to
do. She wants me to meet one of her gay friends and talk to him
about just random things. And this is all by her friend's
request. But the thing is that I can't meet him without my mom
either getting suspicious or Toni's mom getting upset at him
because she thinks he's a thief. But let me go into a greater
detail. I want to eventually go to Toni's house so I can hang
out and play "Halo". And so, I figured I could mesh 2 things
together and get them so that my mom wouldn't get so
suspicious. But Toni tells me that her mom does not like
Chris at all. And so she wants me to go to the mall to meet
him. Now MY problem with this is that my mom refuses to let me
go to mall with my friends alone. And the fact that I might be
meeting a gay guy would really piss her off even more if she
found out. And so, I have a plan. After Toni's mom heals up
and is able to drive, I could have her take Toni and I to
the mall to meet him and then have her mom take me home and my
mom would be none the wiser. Does that sound like a good idea
or should I come up with another idea? And what should I do if
she begins to ask me about how it went with me and Toni? Or what
happens if she refuses to let Toni's mom take me home? So many
things could go wrong. Should I give up?