Help! My Mom Has Hijacked my College Essay!

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Help, Help! My mom has hijacked my college essay! I gave my two essays
to her today so that she could look them over and edit them a bit.
She edited them into oblivion. The resulting frankenstein essay she
created has bits of my essays sewn into sections that she wrote entirely
herself. Anything that I actually wrote was rearranged and edited so
much that it doesn't remotely resemble anything that I would say. She
brought up topics that I hadn't written about at all, and then claimed
they were just little additions that didn't changed the feel of the essay
at all. I told her that I couldn't use her essay, for many reasons, the
least of which being that it wouldn't be honest to send it in as a
representation of my writing, since she essentially wrote it her self.
She told me that she understood what I was saying, and that she wasn't
upset. But she then proceeded to argue with me about it, and question my
reasons for not wanting to use her essay. I ended up having to defend my
position, which I shouldn't have had to do. She should just have accepted
the fact that I wasn't ok with her essay, and left it at that. I didn't
ask her to write it, and I don't want to use it.


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Send the essay that YOU want

Send the essay that YOU want to send. You're absolutely right about your mom's revision; sending it in would not only be dishonest, but it would also be something other than what you really wanted to say. I would go so far as to say that you should have someone outside your family (i.e. English teacher) review the essays, and then to not let your mom anywhere near your applications. I know my Mom was going through them without asking me to make sure I had everything there, but as long as you check everything multiple times, you shouldn't need someone else to help. Just write what you want for the essay, and don't let anyone take over. It's YOUR college essay. If your mom wants to write one, she can apply to college instead.

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I hear your problem - heres w

I hear your problem - heres what I did- I printed out a couple of copies, and had several people correct them, then looked through, and took the suggestions I liked. Ignored the rest...