help please

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Im 14 Im bisexual. most of my friends and teachers know, But my family does not. I want to tell them but i am afraid to.I think my dad is agenst people that are gay what should i do?

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ok well do you have any sibli

ok well do you have any siblings that might be less judgemental? if you do id tell them first, see how they react, and work your way up to telling your parents-if you think theyd kick you out, dont tell them until youre 17 or 18 (i knows its awhile away but hang in there) so you would have a job and (most likely) a car and youd soon be graduating.

oh and also, love your pic. Dookie rox my sox :)


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thanks for the advice

thanks soo much for all your advice

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How bad is your mom - if you have one around that is. If she is sutiably trusting she doesn't have to tell your dad. Unless he is really anti-gay, he will still suppoort you. Trust me. As has been said before - siblings can help.
Cool name by the way

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my mom passed away so she out of the question. i have a sister but im not close with her. I wish she was here i could tell her and not worie about her kicking me out.