hi, im new to this...

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hey guys. well, im new to this, so all of your help and support would be
greatly appreciated and accepted. well, i havn't come out to anybody yet, except for another bi friend and a lesbian friend. they have been a great help. but i was wondering the reactions you guys got, and how you went about coming out. i want to tell people how happy i am now, and who i am. i just dont know how to do it, and im also scared. so please, any tips you have can help a lot. thanks!

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Hi! You've found the right place for advice- there a lot of people here who give great advice, and everyone (almost) is very supportive.
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when i came out to a number o

when i came out to a number of friends, 75% were cool with it, but the 25% weren't. they reacted rather "violently" as i would describe it and they stopped hanging out with me. heck, it's ok coz that's when i found out who my real friends are... so if you're going to come out, you'll really see your real friends... hahaha!!!! good luck!
by the way, welcome to oasis dude! :)

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Hey, welcome! I'm sure you'll

Hey, welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. I'm getting tons of support and I really enjoy it. I was outed. Don't get outed. It's WAY harder.


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they were weirded out at firs

they were weirded out at first but all but one quickly got over it...the other one i cant really tell with her what her reaction is...its weird cuz i told her like 5 months ago and im still not sure..i guess shes ok with it but weirded out (but that might be because we...experimented)

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me too

I'm not out either. I'm not even sure what I'd say, so I'm wishing you more luck than me. =)

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