hi,In new and I havent told anyone about how Im feeling

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Im a 19yr old female who hasnt told anyone about my feelings that lead me to believe Im most likey Bi. I wish I could get up the courage to tell my friends,and my boyfriend, but I cant,because Im scared. I know that my friends and boyfriend are very accepting of it in general,but its still hard. How do I know if I really am? Ive never been with another girl,but I think about it a lot,and its a turn on. Im more interested in dating guys,but I guess thats because Ive never tried dating a girl. Im just kind of confused.Ive had these feelings on and off since I was about 13 or 14,I just didint really know what they were.If anyone has any advice I would be very happy to recieve it...it felt good to get this out,since NO ONE knows.

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i know how u feel

I know exactly how u feel, i don't have a b/f
but only reasently i have started to like this
one chick. So don't worry ur not the only one.

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in da same boat

unlike u i'm only 15 and i don't have a b/f currently. But for the last year or so have had feelings for my best friends and it freaks me out, i don't feel normal i feel like if i tell them they will reject me, so yeah your not alone

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I was in the same spot

Last year I told my boyfriend that I am bisexual, he took it well, and even tolerates my rants about how I need a gay experience. As for how do you know?-I sometimes question wether I am gay and just in denial? Or bisexual like I believe, but in my heart I know that I am bi, because I really enjoy straight sex and love my boyfriend, but long deeply to be with a girl. I know it can be really confusing and frustrating but you'll understand it some day. Message me if you'd like to talk.