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After two weeks of Kansas City, I've had enough. I'm glad, more
than glad, to be home. It wasn't actually KC that I was sick of.
It was being in the same room as Ryan that really did it for me.
I hung out with my family, met my two second cousins that I have
never seen before (loved the little dude to death), saw some great
parts of KC, and only saw one homeless man. He had it made though.
He was sleeping under a highway overpass in his sleeping bag and
he had this big old Lazy Boy next to him. It actually looked kind
of comfortable.

Anywho, I'm glad to be back home and have unlimited access to Oasis
and people who understand me.

I had a lot of time to think while in KC, and I've come to the
conclusion that I'm almost ready to come out to my mom. I think
she probably has an idea of me being gay, but I definately don't
want to hide this part of my life with her. After spending time with
my cousin and her daughter, I know the relationship my mom and I have
built up over the years is as strong as it could possibly be. And
if it's not, it's something we'll just have to work on.

Tonight at dinner I told her what Ryan had done while we were at the
hotel and I think it made her change her mind about him. And trust
me, you do not want to know what he did because almost two weeks later
and I'm still totally discusted with it. It was rude and unthoughtful,
and I hope none else would ever have to sit through something so

One thing about KC that I absolutely loved was the beautiful women.
They were the most beautiful women I have ever seen. One day I went
to work with my aunt, she's an ESL (english as a second language)
teacher. And she has some beautiful students. I liked that day in
KC. Yea, I'll just leave it at that.


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glad you had some fun :) "

glad you had some fun :)

"to be great is to be misunderstood"