How Do You Sleep?

On my back
16% (11 votes)
On my left side
18% (12 votes)
On my right side
15% (10 votes)
On my front
22% (15 votes)
Hanging upside down from the roof
7% (5 votes)
Have no preference
21% (14 votes)
Total votes: 67


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i actually have a routine of

i actually have a routine of positions that i go through before i fall asleep. i'll lay on my back till i get sleepy, then i roll over to my stomack. then i lay on my right, and then usually fall asleep on the left. it's strange, but it works

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on my back

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I alternate

throughout the night, left side and right side.


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I don't actually remember. Probably on my side.
I don't know which one! :P

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With no one sadly

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