how many of you like a straight guy ???

i like 1-2 straight men
51% (22 votes)
i like 3-4 straight men
23% (10 votes)
i like 5-6 straight men
7% (3 votes)
i like 7-8 straight men
0% (0 votes)
i like 10 or more
19% (8 votes)
Total votes: 43


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Do you mean how many straight guys we have had a crush on/loved/got into relationship with?

Because the current question is asking how many of us like straight guys... and its confusing because if thats what you are really asking the options should be "I do" or "I don't" to get the percentage of how many of us like straight guys.

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i have messed around with sraitght boys before

"Here's Johnny" - Jack Nickelson, The Shineing

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what do you mean,just to let you
know this is brian who made athe
pole.the way it is supposed to go
is "how many straigt men do
you like "

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Where's the "0" option? Right now I seriously only like my boyfriend and my bisexual ex o_O;

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Yah, should be an option for none.