I don't know what to do

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Just last month i came out to my so called best friend in the middle of town. I told him i was bi he took it really well, thats wat i thought anyway. the next week at school he totally ignored me and refused to even acknoledge me,and told me never to talk to him again. i don,t know what to do he was the only one i cud talk to and secondly i got this huge crush on him. so what do i do?

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move on. Let the loser go.

move on. Let the loser go. That's pretty much all you can do. Ther are things in life that are under our control, and there are many many many more things that are far beyond our control. This is one of the latter things. You can't change him. You shouldn't even try. All you can change is your actions. Like stop hanging around him, stop pining for him, and focus on what's really important: other guys (or girls, whichever).

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ive tried so hard

ive tried so hard to move on but everytime i see him i feel really depressed. i know i sound like a little kid in love but hey i really like him

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I'm sorry that happened, what

I'm sorry that happened, what horrible thing to do:(

I guess you could write him a letter, telling him how hurt you are by this, that friends are meant to support eachother and accept eachother, and that he's doing neither. Maybe you could guilt trip him by telling him all the times you've been there for him in the past.

About the crush, if he's straight, I wouldn't act on it. I know, it sucks (so much!*cries*), but what can you do? It would most likely make him uncomfortable and would drive him away further. My best advice is to try to move on, and find a relationship that you can safely and possitively pursue.

Good luck, and I hope things get better!



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You should try to talk to him

You should try to talk to him about it outside of school. Ask him what's going on. If he still acts like he does at school, forget about him. Good luck.

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i would ask him outside of sc

i would ask him outside of school why he is being an ass and stuff, tell him that u have no intrest in him like b/f wise and tell him that you are still the same person and if he cant accept that then its his loss not yours. i dont know i have not told any guys that are my friends that im gay only girls cause they dont care, actually i think they think its great for them knowing im not there friend just to date them or check them out or somthing i dunno lol.

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