I just came out to a good friend

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Also written in diary:
This if probably the highlight of the day. Okay, after dinner I came back and decided to come out to Maanya on MSN. It's not a sudden thought... I've wanted to tell her a long while ago. She sat beside me last year in class and we talked about things a lot of the time. Even though we go to different schools now we're still good friends. She includes me and jokes around etc. and she respects who I am. Even before I came out to her, she told me one of the main reasons she lykes me (as a friend) is because I'm wierd.

At first I was asking her about different types of music (pop, poprock, altrock, hiphop etc.)... then I led the conversation into what I've told her before (also personal stuff) and asked her if she told anyone. She said she didn't and I asked her if I could trust her again. She said I can kill her if she tells anyone what I'm about to tell her. Then I told her I was bisexual (that's what I think I am really, gay or bisexual with majority male preference). Her first response was "how come?". I asked her "how do you know you're straight? It's the same way" then she said "true, i dunno i guess i assume it cuz iv nevr like had a crush on a girl or nething". I was feeling awkward and said "you don't mind do you?" and she replied "no way i think all ppl hav a right to their own sexuality". She was really accepting and thanked me for being honest (I should be the one thanking her) and said she doesn't think differently of me. I love her so much for this and all I need is just a hug and cry all I want. She said she had to go so we didn't talk much longer after that (I know she's not avoiding me) Man, I'm so happy I told someone that lives outside the computer screen (I was crying a little.. I guess those are tears of joy). I have to thank all the others who I have met on Oasis who have slowly built the courage in me to tell someone. The feeling is great after all.


I'd like to thank everyone at Oasis greatly, I'm so happy I found the site and even more happy my friend took it so well. I'm off to sleep now... I hope this day won't end... it's probably one of the happiest moments in my life.

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Very cool

A very cool coming out dude

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aww that reminds me when i ca

aww that reminds me when i came out to my mom less than a year ago
she was laughing
but happy
laughing and happy that what i wanted to tell her something bad
which she said it wasnt

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That great you came out. "He

That great you came out.
"Here's Johnny" - Jack Nickelson, The Shineing

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YEAAAAAAAAA i am so happy for you, this must have been after i got off. wow now you have someone you can talk too outside the internet.

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YYYAAAYYYY ^^ congrats :D tha

YYYAAAYYYY ^^ congrats :D that must have a great feeling! :D


I wanna hug :x!

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congradulations! thats so exc

congradulations! thats so exciting..every single person you tell you will feel like that

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Not really.

After I got used to it, coming out to more friends just became "Hey! I'm gay. So how are you?" Last week, I was doing it every day.


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i think its great you came

i think its great you came out to a open minded friend i think there the best people to come out to first (at least in my experience) congrats

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This whole...

bringing back outdated forums is startin ta piss me off. I don't even know why it's makin me angry, it just is!

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I remember that

Pretty much the same story here, except I wasn't that happy about it until a few days later, when I could actually think. I'm really tired most of the day. And I'm gay, not bisexual. I'm not attracted to girls at all. The entire idea of people having girlfriends just makes me feel weird. I don't get how you can love a girl as anything more than a friend.


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Lololol this was so six

Lololol this was so six years ago!

Please people spare me the embarrassment