I loooove Abby Jenne!

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A. Jenne
Gotta weakness for cigarettes and booze
Gotta wadda gum stuck to the sole of my shoe
I gotta sky blue sky up ahead gotta fly flyin into my eye
But its cool, mmmmmmmm

Gotta plane flyin overhead I hope it’s ours
America’s gotta gun to her head cause we like cars
Gotta president who I’m pretty sure isn’t smarter than me
He says Im free, hohoho

Oh little fly lead the way, only bugs will be left on the judgment day
I grow my food and I pray that God will forgive all my yesterdays
And the human race is in sudden death overtime
But for now I’m fine, hmmm
At least in my mind, ho

Who’s to say who’s right and who is wrong
The Right holds a gun like a crucifix and the Left a bong
I’d like a prophet for Christmas, some peace for my birthday
Three cheers for today, hey hey hey