i'm coming out

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so i've figured out a really good way to come out to my best friend. just now my away message was the lyrics to the song 'girl inform me' it was:

Unknown quotients, you must be using potions
How else could you tie my head to the sky
This new convection has left me wondering why
I can't concern myself with ordinary tripe.

Like what's this morning's paper got to say
And which brand of coffee to make
This is no umbrella to take into the wind
And before we begin is there nothing to kill this anxiety.

she came down to borrow something and asked what the lyrics were from, and at the time i couldn't remember the name of the song, so i just told her, "the shins" but she was curious, so, next time i get a moment alone with her, i'll tell her they were from the song "girl inform me" and at that point, right afterward, i'll say, "yeah... i'm not really into guys." it's perfect. but it has me so nervous i'm shaking. but finally a way. a good solid plan to get it out. it's wonderful and terrible at the same time. but i don't know why, i can't see her not being accepting. just a bit nerve-wracking is all i guess. ok, that's all, off to bed with me now.


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That's awesome, good luck! An

That's awesome, good luck! And don't be so nervous-I'm the same way, and always find I tortured myself needlessly. Most people who care for you are really accepting in the end, though they may be shocked at first. I hope it goes well:)


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luv, that's wonderful! you'll do so great *hugs*

p.s. yeah, i know how nerve-wracking coming out to your bff is. i'm sure she'll still love you.

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good luck, youll be fine!

good luck, youll be fine!

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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-crosses fingers-

I hope it all works out.

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Good luck, I sincerly hope it

Good luck, I sincerly hope it works out for you.