I'm Slowly Building Strength

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Today I came out to my youth group at church (I told you I'm on a coming out role!), and it was the greatest! No one cared in the slightest, and when I hung out after class people could joke about it and talk about it and it was no big deal. This one girl, K, was like, "I have tons of gay friends, I don't care!"

That was nice:).

And I got into this one guy, T's, cool list by being so nonchalant and open about it. I found that funny.

But Saturday I was so depressed about Rose-she hasn't called me or sent my any e-mail messages all weekend.I even cried myself to sleep about it. *sigh* I'm going to talk to her tomorrow, hopefully she'll be feeling better about it.

This morning, though, I got the greatest inspiration for a story! I posted up what I have so far for it here: That One Word. It's heavily based on my coming out experience Friday to Rose*blushes*. I'm really trying to deal with it the best way I can, and I'm feeling like all the negative feelings are purging away when I'm writing it. It's pretty awesome.

I love my main character, Alex; he cracks me up. "Rainbow brothers...."

Anyways, I'm being shoved off for my sister's homework.