"I'm Such A Dog"

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We've all had those experiences, right? Where we catch ourselves staring at someone, drooling over someone, going-out-of-our-way to fixate on someone--

You get the picture.

So, what are your worst moments of Dogdom? Mine's probably sitting on the floor of the classroom and looking up the girl's skirts. Yes, Catholic school girl uniforms are hot; and I hope they didn't notice*blushes*.

And then there's the time I stared at a girl's chest the whole time I was talking to her. That was suave.

*laughs*You've probably got some better ones:).

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You know... 'accidentally' gr

You know... 'accidentally' grabbing the wrong gear and getting changed into it after PE. They have to ask you to take it off. =P

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I'll be walking and I'll jus

I'll be walking and I'll just stair at someones ass, can't help it, same thing in class if someone walks up to the board, go into that "drooling" mode. ; )

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i do the stairs thing too...c

i do the stairs thing too...cant help it..i hopo nobody has seen....im sure they have haha

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I'm in a girl's youth rugby t

I'm in a girl's youth rugby team.. last sunday we had a tournament where girls from around the county came to us for some games. There's this one girl, I have no idea who she is, all I know is MY GOD she is gorgeous. short spikey hair, athletic build, you know the deal. I was just finishing up changing, me in one room on my own, with the door open into another.. and there this girl appears, wrapped in a towel, with the nicest tankini I have ever seen. It wasn't even revealing! I allowed myself to be a complete pervert then... and I watched her bend over to dry her hair. yum. Before i went crazy and pounced on her, I left.. :D

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There are so many moments to choose from...

There was this time that this one hot guy and one not-as-hot guy (but still good looking) were exposing themselves to me at a gay bar. They asked me to reciprocate, but I didn't want to do it when everybody could see. So they took me to the bathroom, had me expose myself, and then asked me to jack off in front of them. So I did. :) A good time was had by all.


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In the past ive pretended to

In the past ive pretended to have a conversation with my friend in the locker room so that I'm half out of my locker bank so i can watch my crush undress.

Also in gym I always run right behind above mentioned crush so I can watch her ass while she runs.

Sometimes when my friend//girl i love is over i try to "break her ribs" which causes her to jump off the couch and fall on the floor with me behind and on top of her.

^^man im a total perv arent i??


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Extra help with my philosophy

Extra help with my philosophy teacher... oh my god is he hot. and the nicest guy ever... you know, what, I'm gonna stop now.

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Making sure to put my glasses

Making sure to put my glasses on when we're reading something in Drama class to get a good look at a girl I have the...ahem..."hots" for. I will also (not so smoothly) ogle her backside when she's walking. Good god, that girl is sexy.

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