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Okay two poems....not about anyone in particular *cough cough*

Luminescent girl
Makes me want to sing
No inhibitions
Over this girl.
Please won't you see me?
Quick heart, beat slower,
Race, words of love.
Soft-spoken goddess
Take me under your wing.
Unto the waves,
Vexation gone.
Without anger and hate.
Xylophone of laughter is
Your lovely place.
Zoo of emotions
appears to be my
Can you save me from
Even now
fringes of my madness are
Hell it seems
it doesn't compare
jerk me out of my nightmare
killing me is its goal.
Love me is all I ask.

Can't be compared
Day seems to dim in her presence
Every star in the sky is her smile
Far from dull is she
Great love swells in my heart
Her laugh causes me to tremble
I would die, denied her presence
Jewel of all heaven
Kill me not
Leave me to my dreams
Make me mad as you do
Nay, but make me strive for you
Over all those who oppose me
Pray thee, I'll get to you
Quietly my heart sings
Racing my words seem to,
Stumbling over themselves
Tripping and tuttering like children
Uttering such sweet things
Vexed not by our seperation
Will my love for thee wane
Xylophone of laughs
You seem to possess
Zoo of emotions my soul seems to have

Yeah, the second one, I'd been kind of absently listening to "Romeo & Juliet" so it kind of penetrated my brain.


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Alphabet poems are hard; they never seem to end up right.

But I like yours a lot. :-)