Internet fling

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I met a guy. Online. Who really likes me. It’s nice to be wanted...for once. And he is very cute. But of course he lives on the other side of the Atlantic. We’ve talked a lot this whole week... But I’m not sure he’s exactly my type. I tend to lean towards older boys, and this guy is a year younger than me. I’ve done this online bf thing once before, and I just ended up with a broken heart. But somehow this guy seems different. I don’t know.

Anyways. He’s coming to Scotland this summer, And my class is planning to take a school trip there just around the same time. Like a last goodbye before we all go to different schools. So I might actually get to see this guy in real life. But still. Deep inside I know this kind of thing never works out. And that I will probably just end up hurting myself again. Perhaps I should sever ties with him now, before I get too attached. But curiosity usually gets the better of me... hmm.. I’ll have to see.



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Very cool

Very cool mah man

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