Just encountered my first prejudiced person....AND IT'S FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!

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Okay, I've been im-ing this person who's on my friend's computer and she asked if I was a lesbian 'cause she read my myspace profile and I told her that I was and she got all annoyed and told me she didn't like lesbos and I found it funny. Weird.


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OOO, I had that happen to me

OOO, I had that happen to me just the other night. It's the greatest thing next to individually wrapped cheese slices!
It was this random guy who added me to his MSN years ago probably. He started chatting and I knew right from the start what he was trying to get at, so when he asked me to turn on my webcam I told him I wasn't interested, he asked why, and I told him why: I was a lesbian. He sat quiet for a couple minutes and asked, "you mean you only like girls."
He ended up blocking me. That really ended up making my day. Just the funniest thing in the world.

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It's not always "freaking hillarious." I promise.