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Disclaimer: All contents below are personal, may have 'offensive' contents to certain individuals, and only serve the purpose of being my daily journal entry so I write everything thats in my mind down. Please do not read it if you think you may be offended.



Dear Journal,

This morning before I went to school today I saw a comment on my previous journal entry. I thought that my journal entry had offended "raining men" so I sent him an apology, I'm glad things are sorted out now. =]

I was really really emo this morning (mostly because of my misunderstanding of raining men's post). I was turning my mp3 so loud on the bus I just wanted to isolate myself from the world. I am lyke lost in nowhere, because I am going to school which no one understands me rly, and I was just thinking when I come back from skool and people also dislyke me at oasis bcoz of my personal diary entries, I really wouldn't know what on earth to do. This place already means a lot to me now.

Okay, at school today it was rather plain Except that a few people got punished because we were late to Health class - including me! Nixon, Robert, Atsu, Daniel, Thomas, Ryan, Joshua, Blaire, Andy, Me, and a few others. Daniel actually told me to finish my lunch faster (which i bought late since there was so many people at the tuckshop), so we can go before the bell so that we won't be late for health class. I quickly finished my cup noodles, chicken salad pasta and chocolate moosie but then Daniel realised he couldn't find his bag. I stayed and helped him look for his bag (all our bags look the same since we have specially made bags to carry our laptops). We finally found it right after first bell and quickly made our way up to the Sports Center (which is on the other side of our huge campus). When we got there we got called off to the side because we were late and we had to write a letter of apology with 200 words. (Thomas had to write 400 because he talked in class). It's the first time I've been late and also the first time our health teacher punished our class for being late. Really bad luck for me, oh well.

Oooh, and also. There's this nest above the 'pole' outside the toilet. There are five small birds in there. They're so cute! However, I know some cruel person will eventually destroy the nest... kind of sad.

While I was walking beside the commonroom after last period, these year 13s started chucking water bombs at people walking past. They're so immature. I got hit by one in the arm.

It's guy fawkes, which means its the only period of time throughout the whole year which you can launch fireworks. I didn't get to launch any... since my homestay don't buy extra stuff for my sister and I... so if I wanted them I had to buy them myself. I watched a few beautiful fireworks launched in the night sky. Looks great. =)

I learnt a new sexual action term today, it's 'snowball'. I won't go into its meaning but I want Richard to give me one!

I read "Mom, I want to be a girl" to page 87 today. The mom is amazing.

I was also reading the Time Magazine that was mailed to me yesterday. I read that a person catches HIV every 6.4 seconds. That's freaky, being the fourth largest killer of the year. It even says its a lot more common for gay men to catch the virus... blah that sucks. I'm scared I might catch it one day.

Okay. I didn't study for exams, nor did I practise piano. There's only one streamed class next year, wonder if I'll still get in and get academic honours. =\

I'll be out the whole of tomorrow (sorri Jason =[). At first I will go to a tutor until 12 pm, probably have lunch at home... then I will go to Joanna's house first until about 2:30. From 3-6 we will be at the karaoke... then we have dinner. Then about 7-10 we will probably just wonder around the city and browse in shops and stuff. Then from 10-12 we're gona watch the movie "Corpse Bride". That'll be my day/night for tomorrow.

Yay, my diary entry is short today! WooOOot!

Bubye Diary, sweet dreams.>


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Have fun. "The true goal of

Have fun.
"The true goal of sex is not enjoyment
,but Pain" The Marquis de Sade.

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Sorry again about the confusion with my post.
'Snowball' is a new one to me as well. I'm trying to think what it might mean

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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is as easy to catch as it is not to catch. You get to decide for the most part.