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The other night I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,
the new one, and since then I have been saying the line,
"You're really weird" to myself all the time. I love those squirrels.
I want a trained squirrel. Except maybe the rabies they carry
around with them a lot. "Don't touch that squirrels nuts! He might get
mad!" Tell me, how is that a line out of a kids movie??? Tim Burton
is the shit. I don't think anyone else could have pulled the remake
of that movie off as well as he did. Plus, the man has some awesome
sun glasses. (watch the bonus material on the dvd and you'll know
exactually which ones I'm talking about, they're purple.)


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I laughed so much during that movie, and I also want a trained squirrel. :)

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Squirrels carry fleas that ca

Squirrels carry fleas that carry Bubonic Plague. Seriously. They still do. And you don't want Bubonic Plague! It's curable now, though...not like Smallpox...


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I quite liked

I quite liked that ersion of it to. And I'm glad they got away with the squirrel's nuts line

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