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Like a robot
Being programmed
Without a goal
Except to live for the goal of others...

Like a puppet
Being manipulated
Without a soul
Playing an imaginary role...

You tell me to let go
And cut my hanging thread with a scissor

And say no
To who is in the mirror

Like a mummy
Being forgotten
Its skin half-rotten

But with its heart still in its body...
Its heart jumps...
Its heart thumps...
Believing true love awaits in this new Century

I can see the end of the tunnel there is light
I just don't know the length of the tunnel
And how much longer to fight

--- Max


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"Here's Johnny" - Jack Nickelson, The Shineing

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hey! that's one nice poem! lo

hey! that's one nice poem! looks like it really came from your heart!! cool! :)
"love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes."