love a beautiful mess

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my life could not be better
my life is a total wreck
cant string to thoughts together
but i can write a love poem in my head

one minute i'm strong and fearless
like a modern day joan of arc
next thing im writing you letters
and dottin my i's with little pink hearts

loves everything and nothing like i thought it'd be
just look at me

it seems like lately crazy is making perfect sense
ain't love a beautiful mess

its music, lights, and color
a dance on the merry-go-round
an emotional rollercoaster
cry when im up, laugh when im down

your voice intoxicates me
im flying im falling hard
one touch im landing safely
right into your open arms


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wowww that was amazing I love

wowww that was amazing I love you ashley...that was really really really really really good.
Please copyright that lol