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i'm trying to figure out why people are unnecessarily mean at times- for instance, at lunch today, a friend of a friend was feeling like shit and she had the flu or something, and everyone was all sad for her, and i guess i just thought i'd share, so i was like, hey! im sick, too!- i have pneumonia, (tho im not sure why i said it, i guess there was no point,i just thought i'd share) and then this other guy (who i dislike) was like , you're being selfish...which, makes absolutely no sense, but all the same it made me sad....i dont want people to dislike me, and i think its just so amazign for us to even be alive, godammit- how were we put on this planet, god, i dont know, but isnt it amazing- we are ALIVE, we are LIVING, this is nothing less than a miraclle, and STILL we go around and be mean to people for no apparent reasons- WHY do we do this? it does not make us feel better....unless you are not me...i dont know how it makes other people feel.
and i dislike people, but im not mean to them, im nice. and then these other people are mean to me and i dont know.
it just makes me sad for the world.
very sad for the world.
i just think more people should realize how amazing the world is, and not take it for granted, and maybe then they would be a little nicer............
this is stupid.
i shouldnt dwell over things.
im nice to people...right?
eventually what goes around will come around.
i have lots of loves.
i give hugs.....

life is AMAZING!


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haha i agree with you. being

haha i agree with you. being alive is amazing...sometimes not in a good way.

and i also get wut u mean about people being mean for no apparent reason. like today these 2 people i dont even kno kept calling me a dirty jew and crap (which is dumb cuz i'm not jewish) and then they were talking about hoodies and some one was like "you should wear one" to me and the 2 ppl were like "no i bet her parents wont let her have one cuz they dont want her to choke" like they were implying that i could hurt myself with a hoodie...its doesnt sound that bad but it really pisses me off when people judge me b4 they kno me. yea i'm gonna shut up

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like crazy yea

no no no..i totally know what you mean- i doesnt sound bad afterwards, but it hurts, in that kind of back of the brain area where you dont wanna think about it bothering you but it does...
dont shut up- its good to talk.
i like hearing people other than me gush their brain words.
im sorry that they said struggling on how to sympathize...
i mean, i know how you feel, but still struggling on how to word it.
loves loves loves in your general computer electronic direction...

we are alive. that in itself is amazing. in a completely good way.

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that starting up the story got me..

you don't know how many times ive been in that situation where i reminisce about wut i did the night before because i was drunk or something, and how totally lost u feel because no matter how much alcohol u throw up time won't rewind. Yeah but i liked the way u described it. props

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