Me and my big mouth....

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That's it, I am keeping my mouth shut forever more. SOMEHOW when I was wearing my "let's get something straight" shirt, and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY got all excited about it. One girl like freaked out a little bit freaked out. It was funny though, 'cause I'm not used to all that attention. But, then they started guessing who I liked, I got in some trouble. I *really* don't like lying, so when they said "Lesley Stowe" me and my George Washington brain kind of ducked my head and blushed. So, everybody in my math class now knows I have a crush on Lesley Stowe. Lucky, lucky me. Other than that, it was pretty cool, everybody was sooooo nice about it, I was surprised.

Another thing, I was talking to Mz B, my drama teacher, and she said I was courageous and that if anybody harrassed me about my shirt, I could come running into her room and she'd take care of them. Splee! Someone who cares!

One more note, please *please* keep me in your thoughts. I'm giving Lesley a *secret admirers* note tomorrow so pray that a.)she doesn't guess who it is, and b.)...she doesn't guess who it is.

That's all folks.