Moon and Stars, part II

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Luke and Sam split up at the tall cedar fence that divided their homes. Luke to his medium sized cedar-finished house, which matched the dividing fence and Sam to a slightly smaller dirty looking white house, with junk in the yard and filthy windows.

“I’ll be over in a sec


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Nice. I love your descriptive

Nice. I love your descriptive writing style =]

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Aw, this is a areally heartwr

Aw, this is a areally heartwrenching story. Luke is so sweet to be doing this. I'm looking forward to the next part-I'm really enjoying the characters, and wonder what'll happen to them next.



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It's a sad story and yet so heartwarming at the same time. Have you considered getting published? You seem like the type.

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Thanks y'all, I'm glad it's l

Thanks y'all, I'm glad it's liked. I'm actually still wondering what happens next too. Trying to figure out how to not make it like 15 parts long, lol.

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