my friends are trying to set me up...with a guy?

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Ok, so this is a weird situation. You see, with people I haven't outed myself to I
tend to swich all my pronouns from feminine to masculine. So the other day I was talking
to one of my friends and I said "I really wish I had a boyfriend" What I really meant
was I really wish I had a girlfriend, but swiched the gender part. I had forgotten that
this particualr friend enjoys matchmaking as her hobby, so she decided to get me a boyfriend.
She recruited my roommate and friend/ex?-crush to asist her. They both know I'm gay but
find the situation humorous. SO as soon as I found out what was going on I was like stop
I'm gay and I outed myself to her, her response "you know your going to have to come up
with a better lie than that" Mean while my roommate and friend have both keeled over laughing.
This is probable the most awkward situation I've been in in a while, and I know its my fault
but still...its just weird!


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She thought you were lying? Man, that sucks. Maybe you should to strangle your roomates for going along with this!


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That is quite amusing. Quite a fabulous entry. OK, I'll stop laughing now. Um... I don't know what you should do? Laugh at your matchmaker friend until she stops? Good luck!

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you did kind of ask for that!

you did kind of ask for that! tell her seriously and get your other friends to back you up. or just ingnore it, she'll get board.

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