My Land of wonder and amazement

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hair tossled across the face the look of slumber,
for which brings warmth to heart
skin the color of caramel, smooth as silk
eyes of depth holding true love and compassion;
cheeks round that hold to the youth still possesd
lips ripe like fresh strawberries,
holding a voice so transfixing it can move you beyond means
a chin that is kissed each nite before slumber is saught,
down to the regal neck that gives presence for a head that is always held high
shoulders that are strong enough to bear the pain of years past,
yet soft enough to embrace joys of the future;
to the curve of full breasts that provide nurishment,
and comfort to the distrought;
arms strong enough to fight,and yet round enough to embrace and support
to small and gentle hands, that bring amazement with their accomplishments
hips round with curves of fullness and health;
which serve to capture the essence of womanhood
alerting to the treasures lurking within;
to strong thighs soft to the touch,
down to the feet which ground you, and bring you to me;
this is my land of wonder and amazement.