my story announcment!!!! please read

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im stoppping my story. its in chapter 4 and you dont know what happens but im tired of doing. no one seems to be reading it. thats all


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thats not fair...

well it may seem like no one is reading it, but have you know that i am. i know i havent been posting a comment on it but allow me to now... i really like it, i can relate to it in many ways, my girlfriend is 6 inches taller than me, which you would think "how do you relate to the story".. i know its a small part but i can still relate. plus her and i knew each other fo a long time and became close, too close. at the end of chapter 4 how she almost told her that she loved her would be just like how i felt. About a week ago i had to read your story so i hacked into my schools computer ( oasis is filtered as gay,lesbian, bi interest) just so that i could. well, i showed one of my friends the story and he replied,"thats really good, it reminds me of you and your gf". anyways i can also see how you have put some information into the story that is in you relationship. i.e. your girlfriends musical genuisness. so have you know i come on here wanting to read your stories. you write extremely well and i enjoy it. so i guess if you dont want to write anymore thats another story but please dont think that no one reads them... because they do.

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if you love me you wont stop

if you love me you wont stop posting pleaseeeeeee lol I love you so much keep posting!!! its such a good story give ppl time to get into it ...i love you

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i love that story! i don't po

i love that story! i don't post coomments on it...but i am now. i really like it so pplleeeaaasssseeee continue it.

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NOOOOOO!! if you dont continu

NOOOOOO!! if you dont continue that story ill blow something my school or something!!!

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please please please dont stop it. i'll, i'll make your bed for a week.

people say love is blind, then isnt it blind for gender as well?

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NOOOOOO!! Please don't stop w

NOOOOOO!! Please don't stop writing!!! I've been away for a while so I haven't been posting but please finish the story!!