My view on capital punishment.

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I used to support capital punishment. I believed that it should be left on the statute book, however it should only be used in exceptional cases and should be rarely used at all. In past few weeks I have been reading about a mother submit a personal appeal to HM The Queen as the monarch of Australia and the Head of Commomwealth asking her to secure a clemency for her son, who is soon to be executed in the City State of Singapore on charge of drug trafficking.

When I looked into various records of abuse perpetrated by this government, I was greatly saddened by how frequently it is perscribed and rarity of clemencies. This exact government has frequently been accused of nanying its citizens and residence, in the names of public orders and decency. It has also supressed and denied the right of its LGBTQ population and many other sections of population. In conclusion Singapore Government is currently denying the most fundamental right to many individuals, which is the right to one's life.

Earlier today its chief executioner has come out to say that coporal punishment is a form of rehabitation. He further elaborated his personal believe of reincarnations and used to justify his profession and crimes. In my opion his mind is crippled and his expression is inflamatory and obscene. He is lack of repects to fellow humanbeing, especially the mother of his would-be victim.

Well I don't know whether I believe in reincarnations and after life, but I do know I believe in God, one who advocated through his prophet that we human-being will not kill and one who advocated through his incarnation and his that "Let those who is blameless, cast their first stone."

I completely relinquish my past believe in capital punishment and I believe that I should be take off any penal codes, statute and constitutions of any civilized society. This is to disallowed any government an opportunity to abuse his power. The ultimate clemency that can be dispensed by use human being is to against such form of abuse.

This event has also stregnthened my believe for which ever reasons and for whatever causes a right of an individual should not be denied.


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I always greatly beleieved in the story of Albert Pierrepoint. He was Britain's last executioner, and killed more than 400 people in his life. After hisretirement he campaigned for abolition, saying that none of the people he killed achieved anything but revenge

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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I do believe in capital punis

I do believe in capital punishment when the case requires such measures.I am sure that poor being is being denied his right to life,oh poor soul,cruel executioners,relentless murederers!Wait, perhaps I forgot that he denied other people their right to their life.I find unreasonable philanthropism sickening at best,let's not forget,it is a prison,not some adult version of childcare,criminals go there for punishment,and I don't believe my taxes should be used to feed a killer who was quite aware of the consequences his acts would incur.

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That's a very nice collection of outdated and narrow-minded thoughts you've got there.


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Whose thoughts are narrow?

Whose thoughts are narrow mine? or one of the comments

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Capital punish in itself is nothing

Capital punishment is avenue waiting to be exploited and abused, therefore I do not believe in it. I was disgusted by how frequent they are percribed. Britain technically still has death penalty for high treason, but how often is it a person is accused for high treason? Although I may believe it should be taken out of the penal code I don't believe it is major concern at the moment. I may start complaining, if the government is going start using that power on a daily basis.

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Gee,I wonder how one prescrib

Gee,I wonder how one prescribes thoughts as to being outdated when it's simply just a matter of perspective.Anyways,why try when it's clearly your cerebral cortex that's probably outdated.As to narrow-minded,hmmmm let's see what it means......oh! A person who rejects the validity of other arguments,hmmmmm,sounds familiar,where have I heard a tartuffe discuss narrow-mindedness and outdated though,you.Anyhow, if you are willing to make inflammatory comments,please present a reasonable argument to support your point,while it seems stupidity is an important facet of your life,it can be irritating to the rest of us who have been exposed unfortunately to your baseless idiocies.