New Toy == Distraction

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My dad called me this morning to tell me that Christmas came early for me. He diposited £50 in my credit card account, he wished be a great at college and tell to go out and get somethings for myself. I got myself a 512 Meg Ipod shuffle that I always wanted.

I spent the whole morning in the computer cluster trying to format the thingy. I finally got it to work around 12. pm. I realized that I still got to go out at 1 p.m. to meet Peter for lunch and window shopping. I spent a whole to today without lifting a pencil.

It has been an unproductive day, but yet very busy. I am heading out for a club meeting in half an hour. And my boyfriend is gonna be there I guess I am not gonna study tonight. I think I am just gonna come to school with just at book and a pencil tomorrow without cellphone and I'll try to stay away from the computer as long as possible just in case somebody is trying to reach me on MSN.