Nice Day

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Whee! I'm writing on my school's computer so I've gotta go fast even though I dont give a crap if they see me. Anywho, *does a little boogie, but not really 'cause her math teacher would look at her weird as would the rest of the class, but does it on the inside.* Got to do TWO cool things today. FIRST actually got to teach my English class today. I seriously was up there, talkng to the class in front of the overhead. We were reviewing Romeo and Juliet. It was AWESOME. Second, we were doing improv in Drama today (which is always fun) and it started out me and Mz B acting like we were in a nail salon and I was talking to her about someone having an affair, then she starts off about that guy was seeing her too, so I say let's call him and she gets John Yeaman up there, so they have a "fight" then she gets Megan Tucker to come up as the girl he's also "seeing" then she gets...Lesley (A chorus is singing ) as John's "Wife". And I got to kind of run around, acting like the mediator, then Logan jumps up and pretends to be Jerry Springer and it was one big mess that was absolutely hilarious. BUT the best part was...I got to be near Lesley. I eve got to touch her shoulders and arms and hair. Whee!! So happy. And now I sound like a weirdo so I'll just say Ciao!!


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Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-r

Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry, Jer-ry!

Yea..just had to do the chant. Damn I wish I had an excuse to touch my crush's shoulder or arm or hair (sometimes i "accidentally" knock into her in the halls because I'm "not paying attention" ;) ) bet this comment is fashionably late.

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