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well, i was planning on coming out to my friend last night on our walk home, but then she was in a very nonserious mood, and joking around and everything, so i figured i'd do it once we got inside, but then she went straight to her room (we live in the same dorm) and i didn't get a chance to really talk to her :( my plan had been to restart the conversation about the guy that liked her, and while talking about that, mention that i wasn't attracted to men, and hope that she'd figure it out from there. communication has never been my strong point. so my plan is to tell her tonight (now that i've been saying that for about a week). but really, i can't keep this up. i was so everwhelmed last night i couldn't stop crying; i'd think that i had but i'd be lying in bed and the tears would come back, it was like waves. i don't even know what i was crying over exactly, it was more just like a way to let out all the emotions. oh man. i think that's it... just thought i'd share.


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you know ive realized somehti

you know ive realized somehting with coming out. sometimes its easy to write it. some people need to know that way so they can adjust. and if they still love you they'll come back. its always worked for me. i hope everything goes well.

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if you find it difficult to t

if you find it difficult to talk about, sometimes the quickest, easiest way to come out to someone is just say - i want to tell you something about myself - im gay/bi/whatever. gets it over with and at least she cant misunderstand you. go for whatever feels best for you though, good luck!

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i can relate

although i'm not crushing on my best friend, every time i try and tell her that i like girls, she starts joking around with me about some political joke that she heard or some new anime or comic shes reading. it's frustraing not being able to tell her and having the fact that she doesn't know hang over my head.