One step at a time

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Today I told my best friend that I'm gay and not bi, that saying i was bi was just because I was afraid to admitt I was gay. I have nothing against being bi for the record...Today I also talked to the teacher that is the head of GSA, she was really helpful and understanding, she made me feel more comfortable and told me about people I could talk to. The only thing that is not so good, and I told the teacher that my parents don't like the idea of me being in GSA ( I can't imagine if I actually told them why I wanted to join), so today I was at "spanish club." I'm glad that I'm addressing this, it feels good to finally let it out, although I am taking it one step at a time, I already have one friend that barley talks to me now and that was when I told her I was bi...I think/hope things will get better.