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Scene- lights off its after midnight and I am laying on the couch wondering what
the fuck is going on. Because I don't remember how I got home or how the lights got out or how I ended
up on my couch the last thing I remember is being at work talking to one of the girls in
the back and washing dishes. Which is all fine and good and everything but I'd really like
to know how in the hell I got home. T doesn't remember how she got home either and we are
pretty sure I drove both of us home. I don't remember it thought
I also found out that I write more poerty when I am bored than I do at any other
time. Meaning in my music class when I am bored as hell I write more than I do
if say I was sitting at home doing homework. Because I have to forcus and I need to be able to
know how I got from one point to the other because I have a quiz in law that she
let us take home because one of the girls in the class suggest we take it home and to
me that was not the smartest idea because I would rather do it in class than take it home and get
most of it wrong because the book doesn't give the answer like you think it
would it shots around the answer. But I am off to help with some more
problems we are having on this RPG game. I wish we could have it done already with
players because it is making me crazy. Everytime a problem comes up I have to fix it