Othello, Romeo & Juliet, and love, oh my

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Jesus, my life can be so hectic. I have to memorize a soliloquy by Iago from "Othello" by THURSDAY, have to memorize some lines from "Romeo & Juliet" by the 21, and all in all, I'm a very happy camper. Lesley made a poster today about Othello, so I got to touch her shoulder at the beginning of class (even though it was kind of deadened by the fact that her BOYFRIEND was there), got near her when she was showing off her poster and got to talk to her, got to walk behind her before lunch, can see her at my locker, and I got to walk behind her after school (even though that kind of sucked too, because I had to see her with her boyfriend). See? These are the crumbs I must survive off of in order to keep from losing my mind. You'd lose your mind too if you had to be in the same room with her and you knew that you couldn't be with her! God she's beautiful, long blonde hair, these beautiful green eyes that I swear look like two stars fell to earth. When she smiles, she has these beautiful dimples that I just want to kiss. And that laugh...okay, I gotta stop or everyone on this site's gonna be throwing up in anguish.

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Shakespeare Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Will!!!!!!!

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Ah, the crums...*sigh*. Isn't

Ah, the crums...*sigh*. Isn't that what we all live on?

LOL, I'll stop being melodramatic. But that's awesome you're reading Othello-I love that play! The ending made me cry, and Iago totally has the best lines.


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