Over and Over and Over and Over...

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Today (as usual) not much happened. Yeah, right! Of course something
happened today or I wouldn't be posting about it! Today was "Mix-It-
Up Day". This is when people leave their groups and talk to people
they don't really know. Of course we're mixing it up by doing the
opposite of the opposite. And so we stayed together. It was all of
us except Toni who may be sick and we don't know about it. And so
it was Dairen, Mandy, and me. The first person who came over to our
group was Erin. She usually comes over to talk to Mandy. They talked
and then she left. Then, this really hot guy who actually acknowledges
my existance came over to our table. I call him Chris. Because that's
his name. And he said he was mixing it up and asked us what we
talk about. I said, smoothies, Jack Daniels, violance, and lard. When
I said "Jack Daniels" he immidiatly began acting as though I was the
culprit of under-age drinking. The thing is, it wasn't me who drank
the Jack Daniels. Long ago we had a conversation about how Jack
Daniels totally screws up "her" mind. (I mean Mandy) And the main
conversation was that after 3 shots, the clothes come off. I don't
need to see or know that but it made me laugh a lot because of her
facial expression. I thought it was funny. But back to mix-it-up day.
He left after we talked a little. I hope he comes back again. But
I don't have to hope, because he's in my English and my Global
Studies. He sits behind me in Global. ^_^
And after he came over, Mandy said that she was going to hit the
next person who came over to our group. And that next person was a
guidance counselor, Mr. Everson. And I said, here you go and handed
the binder to her. We all laughed and threw away our garbage. After
that I had to go to my spanish class full of METROSEXUALS. I swear,
there is this one guy who dresses in a pink shirt every day and
"pretends" to flirt with another guy. I know he's "pretending"
because he plays sports and I think has a girlfriend. It drives
me crazy watching the antics in that damn class. Oh well. You
have to have at least one negative class. See ya! n_n