Politics, gay rights and dynamite!

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Sitting having a drink, being bored - might as well write something, like what I did today, what I read, and what I listened to....

I wrote to my local MP today to complain about how the age of selling alcohol is 18. It causes a lot of hassle in supermarkets and the like, because people need authorisation to pass it through the checkouts. Plus, supervisors have to watch the alcohol be passed through from start to finish - so at times like this (Christmas), queues are considerably lengthened and therefore, complaint frequency considerably raised. I suggested that 16-17 year olds should be able to authorise alcohol, at least in the supermarket environment where the sale is not as direct or often specific as it would be in, say, a pub or club.

I also saw this article sitting on the front page of the BBC news website today. That was nice to see - not only the article's content, but its placement on the page, not hidden away just to comply with equality/discrimination laws. If only Americans followed the UK's example rather than vice versa sometimes. Before becoming a little more interested in the topic of gay rights/gay communities/lifestyle/blah blah, I had no idea how discriminative the USA is towards gay people. It's truly astonishing.
Paradoxically, I also noticed (somewhat surprisingly) that my own county is mentioned in the article (Hertfordshire) as a place contending to be considered "gay-friendly".

I also downloaded Ms. Dynamite's new album, Judgement Days. My mum had bought her last one in 2003 (A Little Deeper) and we both really liked it. I think both albums are both very good, but also quite similar in the song themes and sound. Some excellent songs on the new album though, worth the £7.90. I recommend it to everyone :)

Speaking of album purchasing, I have resisted buying Madonna's new album 'Confessions on a Dancefloor'. I keep hearing rave reviews about it, but one has to question whether or not this is due to the massive success (here anyway) of her new single 'Hung Up' or because it's the latest success of media/public hype that has caught on and been bought through impulse buying. Or maybe it is just a good album. I listened to the 30 second clips on iTunes, but decided I'm not prepared to spend money on it lest I run out of money and realise too late I've inadvertently given up a night out for the sake of Madge's disco ball.

Whew, longer than I had expected.


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Yeah the BBC is pretty good at doing gay rights stories - ITV less so. But I was also surpised to see that Herfodshire had a booming gay community. Wouldn't expect it there

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