random things that irritate me

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just thought i'd share...

-when your candy bar gets stuck in the vending machine just before it falls
-when you're thinking it's friday, and then realize it's wednesday or something

-when you find a gift certificate that recently expired
-microwaves that heat unevenly, so that half your food is pipping hot, while the other half is still way too cold
-most republicans
-people who are mean to little kids (not people who just don't like kids, but people who spend time with them and are actively mean)

that's all... totally pointless, just felt the need to whine a bit


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omg my microwave does that!!

omg my microwave does that!! it pisses me off too!
hey wanna hear some of mine? lol...

-stepping in spilt water with socks on...ick i hate wet socks
-people who try to be funny but really there just wicked annoying
-waking up early

yea those are my random things that piss me off lol

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i concur. "freedom's just

i concur.

"freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"

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Ugh, I hate vending machines!

Ugh, I hate vending machines! GRR! I remember all I had to use for food was a dollar one lunch period, and my chip bag...didn't move.

So I was forced to starve!

My biggest pet peave, however, is people who don't try to see your point of view. That always gets my goat>.<


Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
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