Reality Check.

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After club meet on Tuesday. I spent the rest of the evening with KennyD. I told me that I had fallen in love with several people in past, including several girls back in high school and during my freshmen year. But told him, I always found an excuse not to tell them how I felt. I later drawn myown conclusion that they weren't what I really was after. If they were no amount of embressment or anxeity would stop me from tell them what I think.

Well I told Kenny that I already have what I always want which is him a boyfriend and a bestfriend that I can talk about everything. He has always showered with compliments, since we started going out. Kenny told me that he only has been in love once. I am hoping I was that boy or that person he has fallen in love with. Otherwise I have a lot of prove to him.

I went to see In Her Shoes lastnight on myown. I disagree with one critics who said that it was a bit too lengthy. I think length was about right to tell the story about loves, between two best friends and two sisters. But I would say that the director should have done more to convey resentment between estrange family members so we can later appreciate their affords to reconcile.