Reality Check II

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From: Cayde
Date: Nov 25, 2005 12:24 AM
Subject: Journal entry

Kenny walked into the computer cluster right after I finished packing up and was about to head home for the day. Things were pretty normal we smiled and talked about random things. We headed out to the *nix users group pub night.

I haven't seen these people for almost a year, but I managed to picked things up just where I left off. On our way home I became really random and nervous about being with him. I think he had a valid reason to stay quiet. Because I had been talking all day. I always understand that these should be times that we can both be quiet and still acknowledge one another's presence and enjoy each other's company.

Saying things randomly to attract somebody's attention is not a healthy sign, because it conveys lacks of self confidence and renders myself unattractive.I still got my kiss and hug outside my apartment before he continued his way home.


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cool. another unix user.

i've been using linux since 1997, but for the last year i've switched to FluffyUnix (aka. mac os x).

I still admin all my servers on unix though.

Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

It's cute how you believe in things. - Slither

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I use Solaris, Red Hat ES and Debian


I wouldn't call Darwin/MacOS X fluffy. I do admire the affords that they putted into designing user interface. I am more of a programmer than a sys admin, that's why I am dating a sys admin so I don't have to prep myown and fix my own equipments.

Cayde x.

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Arggghhh I am getting dragged

Arggghhh I am getting dragged to a friend's dinner party tonight by KennyD.