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I know it's early in the morning and not much happens this early
but I feel that this is important to me in a way. This morning in
my first period study hall, my old Global Studies teacher, Mrs.
Doughty walked in to the study hall and talked to Mr. Coriale
until she saw me and I got the oppurtunity to talk to her. I talked
to her about all of the things that have changed since she left
early last year for retirement. I told her about how Mandy and I
managed to have the same Global Studies class together and how
I'm still sitting close enough to talking distance. I also told her
of how we aren't the problem this year compared to last year. Last
year, we were the biggest chatters in the class and we never had
our seats changed once. It was funny. And yet I also heard that my
other Mandy friend, Mandie Kittleman, might be moving to California.
But what scares me is the fact that I haven't seen her in a while
and she may have already left without saying goodbye. But a funny
moment in my life with her was recent. She was trying to get every
guy to tell her his penis size. Personally, I don't want to talk
about it because I don't really know if I'm average size and I
don't enjoy talking about bodily functions. So I never told her.
I guess that makes me feel bad in a way. T_T


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Aww... dude, it's okay. It's not the size that matters, especially if you're a bottom (No offence intended)My bro is gay, so I understand your situation. I read your profile... believe me, in my area, it's a lot easier to find a gay guy to date than it is to find a gay girl. And it IS totally taboo here. Have you tried Or Or I found lesbians in my area on myspace. Just get an account (it's free) and go to browse and search for gay members. Someone is always there... you just have to look for them. And, hey, I'm here for you, just like everyone else in the gay community! Much love!


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I Can't

I'm not allowed to at school or at home. My home stuff is blocked and the sites are blocked in school.