should sex scenes in book or movie...

be in a lot of detail. the more it has the better the visions in my head afterward!!!
41% (33 votes)
have detail but be very elegent about it.
46% (37 votes)
dont care either way
10% (8 votes)
not a lot of detail but enough to know they have sex
0% (0 votes)
no sex!!!! god i hate sex scenes!!!!!!
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 80


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I don't mind detail, but it h

I don't mind detail, but it has to be artistically and elegantly done. Like those in The Magus; that was a great book.


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yea too much detail gets a bi

yea too much detail gets a bit...pornographic and thats a bit much for me (i mean for chrissake im 13)...even though im like WAY more mature than most kids my age, i'm still in my innocent days (if you exclude graffiti and detentions)

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In books I like l

In books I like long as it's a lesbian sex scene (yes, biased I know.) In movies...I've never seen a detailed lesbian sex scene in a movie (except once, but that was in this disgusting, gross porno my friend played...the women were so FAKE.) Anyways, in movies I usually don't like to see too much when they're havig sex, lol. It makes me uncomfortable.

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As long as it is used tastefu

As long as it is used tastefully ... it should be as detailed as it need to convey the passions they have for each other.

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Detail is good.

I write erotica, hoping for a career as an erotica author, and I think I use a lot of detail in my stories.

Even my mom said my erotica is good. xD

Detail is good, because you have a better picture in your head. You can almost feel the emotions the people are feeling. That's what I try to do.

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