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I cut school today.

Told mom I was sick, and just stayed in bed feeling sorry for myself. It was quite pathetic really.

Prom is coming up... and I sort of want to go. It's the last year, so everyone is expected to show. But I cant. Last time was a disaster. Emotionally. All these straight couples kissing and flirting; I felt so out of place. And I'm not out at school. There I'm just the guy who doesn't hit on girls. It bothers me.

What else... well, just depressed I guess.

Thinking about staying in this weekend... Can't take other people right now..



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awww =( that sucks... ive ski

awww =( that sucks... ive skipped school like 5 times cuz i felt like crap emotionaly... however my mom never lets me stay so i have to ditch and i usualy get caught cuz im so upset i cant even get out of my bed


I wanna hug :x!

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go to prom with other poeple.

go to prom with other poeple. with friends. its much better that way i did that for my junior and senior prom. have fun. maybe it would help with feeling lonely but i dont know. it never helps when all your doing is thinking of being alone.

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Yah, I would go with friends too. It would beat stayin' at home all night. You should go and have your fun! (BTW... Can gay couples go to your prom??) =)

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No, same sex couples can't go. Not safely, at least.

And I can't go with my friends. They have their own dates, and two of them are not even going. I wouldn't feel comfortable anyway... Like, I want to dance with guys, not some random girl.. But no one is out at my school...