Sigh... should I?

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My social studies teacher is a lesbian with 2 kids. I sort of want to come out to her, but I'm sorta nervous and part of me just wants to keep it to myself. Should I talk to her?

Your answers will probably be somewhere along the lines of "Duh, yeah", but I just want a little reassurance :).

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I think you should only come

I think you should only come out if you are comfortable with it.

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I have to agree with Patch, i

I have to agree with Patch, if you're not fully comfortable about coming out to someone, don't force yourself.
It's a difficult concept to grasp, I myself am dealing with it in the form of coming out to my mom, but let it come when you feel it's the right time for it to come out.
(Or flip a coin; heads=yes tails=no)

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Having a queer teacher that you're out to is a great thing to have--you'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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If you actually talk to her o

If you actually talk to her once in awhile I would try talking to her about it. I'm sure she'd be glad to know you trusted her enough to tell her. If you don't talk to her much now, talk to her a bit more before you come out to her. I'm sure you'll be really glad you did.


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yeah i'd have to agree with everyone else. only tell her if you feel comfortable with it.....and being out to a gay teavher you know well is pretty damn cool.

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well i guess it depends on ho

well i guess it depends on how big of a secret it is for you, if it was me i would totally tell her i was gay and stuff cause like omg she knows exactly what were going through. if you think you could trust her with it and not to go and blab and stuff why not? the only thing is how would you approch her with that topic lol, its not like Hey teacher IM GAY :D YAY! lol well i guess u could do that but she might think u were mocking her or somthing i have no idea. and ya i know the nervous feeling, when i first came out to my best friends i was like that also lol, it was like omg they could ruin my life if they wanted to. but ya theres my imput.

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Duh, yea. *ahem* n e ways i t

Duh, yea. *ahem* n e ways i think you should b/c im sure she has been in your position and will be there to support u... i wonder how she got those 2 kids O_o... n e ways YU CAN DU EET!!


I wanna hug :x!