Soccer positions....

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Hooray!! My avatar changed!! I fixed it like three days ago and it didn't do anything. But I'm so happy I was able to change it!! There wasn't anything wrong with my other one, I just needed to change it. On another note, I've been coughing stuff up that looks faintly like raw chicken skin. I hoping it isn't like my throat lining or something. That would NOT be good. ;) I was gonna write something else down, what was it? Oh yeah, what my title was!!! *rolls eyes* me and my ADD. Anywho, if anybody reads this, can somebody tell me the difference between a halfback and a forward? I mean I know the obvious differences, but does the halfback go all over the field or just the middle of it? Stuff like that. Thanx!!



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A half back is a midfielder.

A half back is a midfielder. It depends on what kind of halfback you are playing there are 3 general areas for the position right, center, and left midfielder. If your talking about the center mids(there's normally 2) there's one thats more offensive and the others more defensive. They are mostly in the middle of the field. The outside mids stay square with the ball at all times or they make runs up and down the sides of the field. Yea soccers my life if you can't tell. if this didn't give u your anwser sry i tried. if you have any questions u can just ask...