that's gay

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random guy: "ugh, I hate school work, it's gay and stupid!!!"

me: "your school work is attracted to other school work of the same gender?? amazing! i didn't even know that was possible"

guy: lol

me: "i'd have to agree with you on the stupidity of it, but my homework has never expressed a sexual preference"

oh, how I love the ignorance...


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I Understand.

That type of thing happens in my school all the time about someone supposedly being gay in a sense that they're just stupid and a loser and retarded and...

I can't stand it either!! Gay does not mean that! It doesn't even really mean homosexual. It either means bright and flashy or happy. I can't stand it when some uses that word in the wrong meaning.

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I'm gay and I call things "gay" all the time. I think I am the only gay person on the planet that doesn't get bothered by it though. It's just something I've said before I knew what an erection was, and it's just clung since then. I say it automatically.

And no, gay doesn't mean "happy" or "bright" anymore - language changes, and clinging to the archaic meaning of everything is a pedantic argument. Never use it!

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oh, man...

i use it all the time...
except around gay friends...
it makes me feel kinda guilty when they hear it.
but i dunno... it jest doesnt bother me...
"You only hold me up like this cuz, you dont know who i really am..."

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my school have taken it one s

my school have taken it one step further - they say "that is so homosexual". i think its was originally to point out to people what they are actually saying, but now its just become used by anyone.

~~Liebe kann nicht falsch sein~~

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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I just look at people who say

I just look at people who say that and say, "it's not gay, it's stupid," they always apoligise and I just say, "it's okay, I forgive you!" I don't want to make a big deal out of it because it isn't a big deal, you just need to change the language.


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I call lots of things gay, ma

I call lots of things gay, mainly for comic irony. And I call my straight friends fags. But I guess that's ok since I'm out and they get the joke...