The Lock In of My Brain

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Last night our church youth group had a lock in-mainly we talked about where we wanted to go to pilgrimage, or whether we wanted a mission trip (I voted for that). Mainly it turned into a war of the economic classes, but we seem to be getting somewhere.

Besides the meeting (dull), the rest was pretty fun:). I hung out with two girls I really like (not that way, LOL), and I could make jokes about my being gay and they were fine with it. For some reason we got into talking about the draft, and I couldn't resist and said, "If they're drafting me, we're really in deep shit, like a nuclear hollacost." Something like that. Anyway, we laughed for about five minutes.

And of course, we watched South Park-the Mega Strisan episode. That was quite amusing:).

There's another girl in the group who's bi, and now I kind of regret telling her I'm a lesbian. She's one of those girls who wants...those attracted to girls eating out of the palm of her hand all the time, like she's some sex goddess. Only problem if, if she starts coming after me...I'm not sure if I'll be immune to it. I know no other available lesbians or bisexuals at my school, and the thought of someone paying attention to me...God, wow. But I also hate this thinking, because I don't want to be used. I'll try to keep my head on my shoulders, although sexual drives are powerful things o_O.

Now that I'm certain I'm gay, it leaves me much more open to my own sexual side, and it's all new and exciting. I just hope I'll be strong. But I know I will.

Anyways, I got maybe only three hours sleep last night. I slept on the hardest floor in history-I think it may have been just carpet over concrete, or something horrible like that. I felt like my shoulder blades were digging into my spine! Also, one of the adults there snored like a chainsaw all through the night...and then eventually someone in our room started an acompaniement.



This went on all night. So this morning I was less enthusiastic to greet the day than usual.

Mais zut, mes amis, mes dois etudier pour le francais.

LOL, if you translate that you get a cookie;)



[Edit]: I just finished That One Word: Part IV! It's very cute, if I do say so myself:).


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But now, my friends, my homew

But now, my friends, my homework...I must study for French.

Do I get a cookie? ^^

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LOL, yes...a web cookie! _

LOL, yes...a web cookie!

( )

I don't know what that is, but let's assume it's tasty.


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