The marines tried to recruit me!

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So I just got a call from a marine corp recruiter, apparently they're calling all of the seniors at my high school.

So I spent a few minutes discussing me classes, the two languages I take, my writing, and my AP courses, so he's telling me some future military careers and whatnot and about midsentence I say to him "Well you see,actually, I'm gay." He goes into a state of stunned shcok for a few seconds and then he's all, "Oh...well...that disqualifies"
I hung up and was laughing rather insanely (for some reason I feel triumphant at having shocked him) and my mom was all "What was that about" and I explained to her that the marines were attempting to recruit me and I had informed them that I was gay.
She took off right after....

So I guess you really can't be out in the military.


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That happened to me too, a ma

That happened to me too, a marine recruiter stumbling over the fact that I am gay.

I posted it here.

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Tell them you're gay, and they shut up. How to evade the draft?
"I'm gay." Works every time. :D

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A - "I have no sexual preference."

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hahaha, well done! bet that s

hahaha, well done! bet that shut him up for a while!

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Oh, are they running out of marines nowadays? Good old Iraq

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i grew up on an army base and

i grew up on an army base and so when i was a senior i had a man stop by. i sat at my table for a good 30-45 minutes listening to him tell me i was perfect. perfect wieght perfect heighth. how all my schooling and special science classes could put me at the top of the field and the military he was ecstatic. i leaned in and told him i was a lesbian. he collected his things and left in a span of 10 seconds. hahahahahaha made my fucking day
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