This girl is gonna kill me

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Of course it has to be this way, it always is. I'm doing great, everything's fine, I'm *finally* okay with myself, then it happens. I'm going along, ordinairy life, perfectly, normally mediocre then...


Suddenly, one day, I notice:


Her, with her gorgeous blonde hair that's always perfect. Those green eyes that always seem like somebody grabbed two stars out of the sky and set them there. Those dimples, that laugh. Please God, don't let anyone I know read this. I mean, it was like it was out of nowhere. I go to Drama class, see her and there'd be nothing more than playfulness, maybe wanting to be her friend. Then out of the blue, like a Mike Tyson punch, KABOOM it happens. Evey time she walks into the room, my heart starts beating a little faster, I can't talk and feel like a moron. I mean, it's not like we're friends or anything, she's a "Prep" and I'm...not. I dunno what I am, I'm just not a prep and way out of her league completely. And yet, I can't seem to shake this off. I feel like Romeo lamenting over Rosaline. It's the same thing too, except I'm pretty sure she hasn't taken a vow of chastity.

I dunno what to do, maybe I'll just get over it on my own. (yeah. right.)


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doesn't it suck when you real

doesn't it suck when you really really like someone and you have no IDEA where the crush came from? and you know that it's not very likely that they'll feel the same way. and they're out of your league. this sounds so familiar! that bites. hope it works out okay!

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