Three Cheers for Female Randomness!

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So I was sitting in Math today and this girl Lauren was being totally adorable. She was taking this clip and like, pinching her nose with it. I mean, normally, people would just say that's stupid, but Lauren just seems to look cute doing the stupidest stuff. In fact, pretty much any preppy girl in my Math class (in my opinion) could get away with doing stupid stuff. Like Alyssa, who's pretty smart and funny, she can be blonde on some occasions.

That and we were all panicked 'cause this rumor's been going around school that Mz B might get fired! We don't even know quite what's going on, but we *have* decided that if she does get fired, we're either going to a.) riot in the halls, b.) sign a petition, or c.)picket outside Mz B's room until they hire her back. Might seem a little extreme, but that's just because you haven't met Mz B. We (literally) depend on her for happiness and sanity. She's like the coolest teacher in the entire world. (I speak from experience folks.) ALSO, got to stand near Lesley again today too. I'm kinda starting to realize that me + her will never come to fruition, so I'm just trying to make sure she's happy at all times for my sake. But I still have my fingers crossed just in case.


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my personal recomendation, if

my personal recomendation, if your teacher gets fired, go with the petition first. your administrators will take you more seriously. then if they ignore you, you can go to more extreme measures. a riot in the hallway will just piss people off. believe me, i had two lockdowns in hs as a result of riots and such. fun fun fun.

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